Rewild Your Words Online

An online version of our most popular course, with video lessons, exercises, recommended readings – and lifetime access.

In a time in which our lives are increasingly tamed, monitored, controlled and urbanised, our words and our stories are in danger of going the same way. Our writing may be in danger of becoming too safe – and perhaps too human.

What would your writing look like exposed to the wildness outside our bubble of convenience? What do the beaches and the hedgerows and the winds have to teach you about what you could do with your stories and your style? How could your writing benefit from letting some more ragged, messy, natural energy come in and toy with it

This course will help you find out.

This course is designed to uncivilise your writing. It will send you outside, to walk through whatever the landscape throws at you, in search of stories. It will teach you to write from the point of view of an oak or a seagull; to build stories around images; to incorporate mythological thinking into your writing; to pay close, silent attention to the small things around you; to write with all your senses fully engaged; to rediscover old ways of seeing; and generally to loosen up your over-civilised style.

With the help of writers from Robert Graves to Black Elk, Ted Hughes to Annie Dillard, Mary Oliver to Li Po, Rewild Your Words Online will give you permission to write what you need to write, not what you think you ought to. And it will focus, together, on the role which the non-human world – the world of nature – plays in informing your writing; whether you know it or not.

This course is open to writers in all genres and styles – novelists, poets, non-fiction writers and others – and to any level of experience, or none.

How it works

Rewild Your Words Online is based on a weekend course which Paul Kingsnorth has been running now for nearly a decade, in various locations around Europe and afield. This online course consists of four video lessons, making up around three hours of recorded material, with accompanying writing tasks, a reading list, and an opportunity to send a piece of writing to Paul for editorial commentary once the course is done.

The cost of the course is €200, and for this you receive lifetime access to the lessons and the full content. You can work on this course at your own pace and to your own timetable, and revisit it as many times as you like.

Rewild Your Words Online is hosted by the teaching platform Thinkific. Sign up with a name and email – nothing more is required – and you can watch the first video of the course for free, before you decide whether to go ahead.

For full details, visit our course page here.

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