‘Wyrd goes ever as it must.’ 

The Wyrd School’s ambition is to rewild art, writing and the over-civilised modern soul, one human at a time. We run courses for writers, artists and other curious bipeds, which aim to reconnect the human and the non-human, the wild and the tame, the air and the earth, the modern and the pre-modern, and to help you produce writing and art from the resulting sparks.

Wyrd is an old Anglo-Saxon word, often translated as fate or destiny.  The philosophy behind the Wyrd School is that the fate of all of our lives is determined by the wild, living Earth of which we are all a part, though often we forget it.

To put it another way: each of our lives is a story told by the Earth itself.

The Wyrd School was founded in 2018 by novelist and poet Paul Kingsnorth to advance a radical proposition: that art which focuses only on human concerns is art half-made.

Wild book-making, cliff walks, harp recitals, carving quills from swan feathers, stories around the fire, rune-casting, writing from the perspective of stones … we build courses designed to crack you open, to release your strange, old soul. Wyrd School courses are unique: designed by us in collaboration with artists, mythologists, craftspeople, storytellers, wilderness guides and other such reprobates. They will not show you how to get published, impress an agent or ‘adapt to the needs of the market’. But they might show you how to make a paintbrush from rabbit hair, listen to what an oak has to tell you or write a poem based on an ancient folk story.

Our current courses can be found on our home page.

If you are a writer, we also offer a mentoring and manuscript assessment service. If your writing needs sharpening, focusing or otherwise shaking-up, we might be able to help. Find out more.

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