‘The arts are the wilderness areas of the imagination,
surviving like national parks in the midst of civilised minds.’ 

Gary Snyder

Our courses and events take place at the ragged edges where the human world meets the living Earth. They are often aimed at writers, though by no means always.

You don’t have to be any kind of ‘professional’ writer or artist to come on any of these courses, and most people aren’t.  In fact, at the Wyrd School, we strongly discourage professionalism. We want your writing, art or creative expression to be messier, dirtier and less civilised.

Wyrd School courses will not show you how to get published, impress an agent or ‘adapt to the needs of the market’. But they might show you how to make a paintbrush from rabbit hair, listen to what a stone has to tell you, walk up a mountain in silence or write a poem based on an ancient folk story.

Current Courses & Events

Drinking the Mead of Poetry

Wild Writing

Wild Twins